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More on Offence

So. My wife and I were in Sydney today, and happened upon this: Anti-Islam film protests erupt in Sydney | SBS World News

The protest was against the US, in response to the recent anti-Islam film produced by some right-wing Christian group in the USA. Unfortunately instead of reacting in an adult fashion we have statements like this:

“They have no right to mock our prophet.”

And banners like this:

“Behead all those who insult the Prophet”

Offence. Entitlement. Arrogance.


Let me be clear: while I truly do believe our species would be better off without religion, and I have absolutely no automatic respect for any religion, if someone wishes to believe in one, I recognise that it is their business, and not mine.


The fact that they believe something absolutely does not mean that they are entitled to others’ respect for that belief, or to have that belief protected from mockery or insult. Yes, it may well be rude and uncouth to go around insulting someone’s religion, but personally I think calling for the mocker to be beheaded is a whole other level of uncouth.

I think the level of arrogance and entitlement in the notion that one’s religious belief must be respected, and never mocked – purely because it is one’s religious belief – is pretty ugly.

And honestly, of all the things about the US and its behaviour in the Middle East and towards the Muslim world in general that are seriously worth protesting, they pick on some idiotic group of Christian fundies mocking Mohammed? Rly? That’s what’s most important? Makes it kind of easy to distract from the real issues then, doesn’t it? Draw a bad cartoon of Mohammed or something, and then all the other actually bad stuff gets ignored.

Because mocking.

Just further confirms my opinion that we’d all be better off without any religions.

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