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Doing it Right

As I mentioned yesterday, I restored my iPad as a new device to get rid of the restrictions passcode I couldn’t remember. During the ensuing setup process two apps stuck out for me for awesomeness: PhotoStackr, and Instapaper.


I use PhotoStackr to access my two Flickr accounts, my 500px account, and my Picasa, as well as sharing through Farcebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. So I figured I’d have a lot of annoying logging-in to do.

Nup. I opened the app, chose to use iCloud, and it went ahead and loaded up all my accounts. All of them. Nothing required from me. It was just as if I’d not done the whole wipe and restore thing.

So mad props to PhotoStackr.


Instapaper is awesome, and I’ve used it for ages (long enough to have too many sites saved for later, sitting unread…). I had it set up to automatically share liked items, and was signed in to my Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts within the app. So once again I figured I’d have an annoying bunch of setup to do. As it happened though, once I logged in to my Instapaper account (obviously a necessary step), everything just went back to just the way it was.

So more mad props to Instapaper.

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