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Afternoon Run

Went for a run today. I didn’t go out first thing though; I waited until about 3 in the afternoon, which is unusual for me. It felt weird too: kind of sluggish and heavy, and just not feeling it. Also, the back of my left knee (on which I had a meniscectomy some years back) was feeling full and achy – as it not-infrequently does, and which is often a prelude to the shin splints in my right leg. Consequent on both of those things, I took it easy, and cut it short.

Well, I thought I did…

As it happened, I was under 5:30/km for almost 6.5 km, with a fastest pace of under 4:00/km, and a fastest whole km of 4:33/km. As I’ve remarked before, I have absolutely no idea of what pace I’m running. I suspect also, that since I tend to run in the morning, when nothing else is moving, and today there were cars and people all over the place, my sense of pace was thrown out. Also, it’s been dark for my runs lately, and today it wasn’t; that always changes how fast it feels in the car, so maybe the same was happening here.

Way preferring morning runs though.

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